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Technical Documents


rfc1459.txt [Oikarinen & Reed]
The original IRC RFC (1459).

rfc2810.txt [Kalt]
The most current IRC-architecture RFC (2810).

rfc2811.txt [Kalt]
The most current IRC channel-management RFC (2811).

rfc2812.txt [Kalt]
The most current IRC client-protocol RFC (2812).

rfc2813.txt [Kalt]
The most current IRC server-side RFC (2813).


Other documents and specifications

The 005 numeric explained [Roeckx]
Explanation of the arguments in the 005 numeric.

Old "TS vs Delay" comparison [Kalt]
Old "TS vs Delay" comparison written in June 1996.

Statistics on nickname collisions between EFnet and IRCNet [Kalt]
Follow up statistics for the above study, compiled in September 1997.

Numerics usage [Kalt]
Comparison on how numerics are used across different server implementations.


Documents specific to the IRC Software

What's new in version 2.10 [Kalt]
Summary of changes brought by version 2.10.x.

Installation manual [Kalt]
An HTML version of the software documentation.

Service documentation [Kalt]
An HTML version of the documentation explaining services.

The IRCD FAQ [Kalt et al]
The official Frequently Asked Questions for the IRC-server.

The most current server-software and its attached documentation itself can be found at


Mailing-lists currently being archived at
The IRCD development group mailing-list.
The IRCD users mailing-list.



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